Derek Acca F.I.S.P.E - Founder of Surex Voxsan


Derek Acca’s professional career in the swimming pool, spa and water treatment markets has been one of the longest and most established in the industry . Surex International is the oldest water treatment company in the UK. Know as one of the swimming pool industry founders, Derek has provided Pool and Spa Serviceman around the country and internationally not just bundles of information but some of the worlds most exclusive and imaginative inventions in the water treatment industry which are Surex Products.

Derek invented many products based on saving our planet. His Environmentally and Ecology Friendly concepts has aided and changed the lives of many pool and spa owners for over 30 years. He also pioneered what we all know as Surex OO2 Oxysure Granules and is the leading distributor in the UK for non chlorine. Derek’s Swimming Pool designs are still to date regarded as the most energy efficient and his systems are known as the ultimate in clarity and self cleaning.

For over 30 years Derek has built Surex International from scratch into a large warehouse in Biggin Hill with a UK and worldwide distribution of Surex Products. Derek had many qualifications such as the B.S.c and was made a Fellow of the Institite of Swimming Pool engineers in 2001. In his later years he was termed as a consultant to the swimming pool industry.

Derek was a very intelligent and cultured man – a character and legend who will be deeply missed by the industry but more so by his close family who loved and cherished him dearly and who he loved equally back the same. Derek will be remember by many in the industry for many different things and he will be truly missed.

The industry will be a less colourful place without the colours and lights from Derek Acca

Dereks family John-Paul and Shella would like to thank all in the Swimming Pool Industry for their warm and kind support throughout this sad time for the loss of our dear Father and loving Husband Derek Acca Surex will be continuing business as usual in Derek Acca’s name.

Derek Acca F.I.S.P.E wrote a blog about all his current dealings and thoughts about the swimming pool industry and his innovative products. Derek invented many products into the swimming pool market and is known as one of the founders of the industry.

The first customer of the now largest swimming pool company in the UK – Certikin International – Derek Acca has made his mark in the market with products based on environmentally and ecology friendly ideas

Derek always wanted to change the world and has preached about the future and saving our earth.

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